If you have any questions regarding our business continuity measures, please write to our Company Secretary.

None of our .UK registrar services depend on the functioning of hardware, software or connectivity other than those provided by the registry (Nominet) itself.

We do not provide hosting or other functionality in association with .UK registration services. Should our offices become unable to be used, we have a standby office less than 1 mile away from which .UK registrar services can be provided at very short notice.

Should we decide to stop providing you the service of a .UK registrar, or are unable to continue for any reason, you can expect us to contact you by email and/or in writing within 7 days of the decision, or the event leading to the inability. In that case we will offer you every assistance in moving your domain name to an alternative registrar of your choice.

In addition, we have entered into an agreement with another Nominet Accredited Channel Partner that they will agree to act as a replacement registrar for your .UK domains and accept inbound transfers in the event that we cease to offer .UK registration services.

Should we be prevented from assisting you in transferring your domain name for any reason, you always retain the option to instruct Nominet to transfer your domain name to a different registrar. Please note that they make a small charge for this.

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